Cloud Communications
Hosted and onsite VoIP business telephone solutions available for business users of all sizes and backed by one of the largest VoIP provider in the UK.
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Cloud is the next generation in IT Service Delivery. Organisations today want streamlined IT systems with better ways of managing the IT & Communications related infrastructure. The continuous cycle of security, imaging, patching and upgrading a myriad of physical devices dispersed throughout the organisation is costly, time consuming and frustrating. Many organisations are in business to provide products and services not related to IT, however find themselves busy working to rectify IT issues taking the focus away from the core business.

Delivering Cloud provides a solution to these issues. We provide IT as a Service. Whether it be Servers, Desktops, E-Mail, Mobile Access, Applications, Communications we can provide it. Our innovative "Office as a Service" can provide the IT and Communication services you need to run your business successfully with little or no capital costs.

Whether you are a Small, Medium, Large Enterprise or simply an end user looking for an easily accessible, on demand computing infrastructure, the principles are the same